Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Waiting on those shamrocks

So Dean is getting better from his case of HFM, just as Cary is whining and writhing about his.

Yes, Cary has hand, foot and mouth disease now, and this is far worse for us than it is for him because unlike Dean, Cary does NOT handle pain or discomfort well at all. (He's like his mother in this way.)

He was so miserable on Sunday -- curled up into a little ball on the couch, pleading for me to lie next to him on my bed, moaning and complaining all day long -- that I stayed home from work yesterday to make sure I could be there for him while Michelle dealt with the other two.

But in the middle of my day off to care for Cary, I decided to use the time to take Clair in to the doctor to see about her incessantly dripping nose.

Sure enough, Clair's got a sinus infection, an ear infection and the doctor threw in a second steroid to help with her wicked wheezing.

If you're having trouble keeping track, Dean's antibiotic for his ear infection ends today; Clair's antibiotic started yesterday. Dean's nebulizing treatments have done the trick; Clair's have been doubled down. Dean's HFM is on its way out; Cary's is just beginning.
And me and children's Motrin are best friends.

And did I mention it is (literally) 3 degrees here today and with the wind chill it feels like negative 500 or something? We're in the middle of something called a "polar vortex," which totally sounds like it is straight out of Game of Thrones. ("Winter is coming...")

Where is my good luck? These darn four-leaf clovers need to hurry up and grow!

They're getting there! Good luck is ON THE WAY. :-)
Actually, I am counting my blessings that I haven't gotten sick yet this winter, even in the midst of all this sickness. I think all that Vitamin D is helping. So that is definitely lucky for me! It's amazing how much easier it is to cope with three sick children when you are not also sick yourself. Let's pray it stays this way.


Unknown said...

Tanika - when taking antibiotics, I make sure that the doctor also gives me a prescription for probiotics. Additionally, I make sure they load up on probiotic-rich foods like yogurt, cheese, and other fermented foods. And give them bone broth and/or gelatin to help heal the gut. Antibiotics not only wipe out the bad bacteria, it wipes out the good ones too. Hence the probiotics -- giving the good bacteria a head start in repopulating my girls' systems. :) Some doctors are still pretty clueless or cavalier about probiotics, but I think there will be a greater understanding of the gut microflora in the years to come and its role in the immune system and fighting off diseases. As is commonly quoted, 80% of your immune system is located in your gut. (and that's why i prioritize spending money for good food...I still buy second hand toys,books and furniture for the kids, but food -- it's the best quality I can afford.)

Unknown said...

that's me. Tam above.