Friday, January 10, 2014

Where I am so far in 2014

So far in 2014, I have:
  • Gotten my eyes checked and a new eyeglasses prescription. (Doc says age 40 is when the eyes start really changing. Oh joy!)
  • Not taken my Christmas decorations down.
  • Gone the entire year without make-up, save one day when I had to meet with a client and didn't want her to think I was dying of the plague. (P.S. No make-up is HUGE for me. I can't even talk about it, it's so soul-baring and scary.)
  • Gotten a MAMMOGRAM! (Not as bad as people made it out to be.)
Me vs. the machine. I won!

  • Survived two pre-schoolers with HFM and one snotty, hacking, wheezy, non-sleeping toddler.
  • Not exercised once. (This is not much different than 2013.)
  • Frozen my tail off in the "polar vortex."
  • Made plans to go out with two different friends for their birthdays. Hooray!
  • Let the kids watch far more TV than I'm comfortable admitting.
  • Cracked up laughing at Clair saying, "Whycuz?" instead of  just "why?" (I think that should be an actual word.)
  • Been consistent with my boys about making their beds every day!
  • Barreled through nearly two seasons of "Game of Thrones" with Lester, who is now officially hooked. (The soft-porn quality of the show doesn't hurt where he's concerned.)
  • Eaten Salvadoran food twice. (Yassss!)
  • Not played - or won - the lottery. (The not playing might have something to do with that.)
  • Been more overwhelmed than normal by the noise level in my house, and the constant whining, begging, tattling, crying, arguing and screaming to be picked up. I think I need yoga or more chocolate or something.
  • Posted to Facebook and Instagram less (Not really sure why.)
  • Started thinking more about how to transition the boys out of Pull-Ups overnight. (They're not consistently dry at night, and I don't know if that happens on its own, or if I need to be doing something to help it along.)
  • Randomly thought about death and what my life would be like if something ever happened to Lester or one of my children. Wished very much that Lester's mother was alive.
  • Not fully committed to taking away Clair's nighttime bottle and nap-and-nighttime pacifier when she turns 2 next month because I have absolutely ZERO energy for sleep-training. (I know that's bad, but I just want uninterrupted sleep. That's all. And compliance. And quiet, occasionally.)
  • Felt very much like 2013 has just really rolled quietly into 2014, so instead of starting fresh, it's just business as usual. I think I am waiting for something to happen, or to *feel* something different. But I know that's silly.
  • Missed some of my old friends more than usual. Wished I had real time to connect with people I love and admire.
  • Determined that my hair is officially and without a doubt, thinning. Seriously considering a short haircut, but can't make up my mind what to do, or if a short cut would even help. Been pretty darn sad, come to think of it, about the state of my lackluster hair.
  • Felt loved, listened to and cherished by my husband, and so happy that he's my kids' father.
  • Almost totally given up on all contemporary hip-hop and most R&B. It's just all so BAD. (This also makes me kinda sad.)

I think that's quite a lot for not even two full weeks of 2014, no? I'll check back in periodically to see how I'm faring throughout the year.

What have you been up to this year?


LauraC said...

Loving this update!!

On the pullup thing, that will resolve itself naturally. Our ped (and my reading) said it is neurological before age 7. If they consistently wet once or twice a week, save yourself some laundry and just keep buying pull ups. People are in a big rush to get out of this when you really have no control over it!

liv said...

i have raged and not slept well and dreamt nightmares and bonquiquied people in my head.

Fabulous Mari said...

I love Clair saying "Whycuz". She's so westcoast! LOL! Your hair is fabulous. My hypothyroid caused my hair to thin and now I lose a whole weave-ponytail worth of hair a day. BUT i'll be damned if I cut my hair because of it! #IndiaIrieIamNotMyHair I too hate the current state of hiphop/R&B music. That's why I keep kickin it old school! The rest of your 2014 sounds fabulous (minus the HFM episodes) I tell you what you need more in 2014, you need more ME in your life! We need to schedule something. A lunch/brunch/cocktail/playdate/somethingorother! Also, regarding the pullups (b/c you know I've never done those) try taking them to use the bathroom once or twice at night. They may just need to go at night and don't feel like they have to go to the bathroom when they can just go in their diaper. It's confusing for the kids "Don't go pee in your underwear, okay now you have a diaper on so you can go pee in your underwear now". Now what I mean? We take our guy to use the bathroom once every night just to be safe. It might work for you guys (or one of your guys, at least). Good luck in any case.

Fabulous Mari said...

Also, since I can't correct my typo, I obviously meant to say *know what I mean? Geesh!